The agreements and other materials offered and provided by Additional Element .inc through this Application are designed and intended as assistance and guidance to users in preparing and reaching agreements between parties of the types provided by the Application including but not limited to (1) Agreements related to Betting and Gambling; (2) Agreements related to the non-disclosure of personal, financial, business, and confidential information; (3) Agreements related to referral fees for making introductions and referring business; and (4) Agreements related to dating and relationships.

e-gree makes no representation or warranty that the agreements provided by e-gree through this application and any specific agreements entered into by parties through the e-gree application are or will be upheld as valid by a Court or other applicable authority of competent jurisdiction in any region, country, state or territory where efforts to enforce such agreements may be brought. Users of e-gree understand that many factors may be relevant and analyzed to determine the validity and enforceability of any agreement made between parties to such an agreement and that the existence of a signed or otherwise executed e-greement is but one such factor. e-gree users also understand that the e-greements provided by the e-gree application are not specifically tailored to a particular factual situation and that users are responsible for providing any additional specific information that they believe may be useful in ensuring that the agreement entered into by the parties conveys the parties complete understanding of their e-greement. e-gree users also understand that the agreements provided herein are not specifically tailored to be consistent with the laws of any specific jurisdiction.

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